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When a person buys or sells real estate the transfer of registered title and the associated processes is known as Conveyancing.

There are important and serious legal implications in all conveyances. Each party has legal rights and legal obligations. Unless proper attention to detail is given, legal liabilities can give rise to expensive litigation. Choosing the right lawyer to represent you is just as important as choosing the right property to buy.

At Tony Goodwin & Company potential problems are readily forseen and disasters averted.

Residential Conveyancing

For most of us, buying our home is the most important and largest investment decision we will make in our lives. We cannot afford to have something go wrong. We need competent lawyers representing our interests and ensuring the terms of the sale and purchase contract are complied with in all respects.

Prudent sellers or buyers will choose their lawyers according to good reputation, not the cheapest price. Some people are attracted to the discount conveyancing houses in the mistaken belief that "conveyancing is easy - almost anyone can do it". Flying an aircraft seems easy, especially when everything is going well. But when the storm clouds start rocking the passengers around it is very comforting to know that an experienced competent senior pilot is flying the aircraft, not the cabin staff. The same applies to conveyancing. Recent statistics show over 40% of all negligence claims against lawyers arise out of cut-price conveyancing.

At Tony Goodwin & Company we take pride in providing nothing less than a first-class professional service at a reasonable price. We are proud of our claims free history of conveyancing services to our clients.

Commercial Conveyancing

Our lawyers have extensive experience in conveyancing of commercial properties, including shopping centres, office buildings, and farming properties. There are many additional factors to consider when dealing with commercial properties (like leases, tax, GST) and it is extremely important to have the contract prepared by an experienced lawyer to make sure all these additional factors are covered.

We also provide advice and assistance to property developers, including drafting contracts and building covenants, assisting with town planning and other legislative approvals.

It is important that you consult us before you sign the contract. In some instances sellers have obligations of pre-contract disclosure and failure to make those disclosures can result in penalties. It is usually too late to fix these problems after the contract has been signed. As part of our services we will look at your contract before you sign it, at no additional charge.